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        Agricultural Equipment
        Overseas Sales Company
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        Weichai Lovol Overseas Sales Company

        Globalization is the inevitable path during Lovol development. Since the establishment of Weichai Lovol Overseas Sales Company in 2004, Weichai Lovol H.I. has explored its own globalization development way and management and control mode, that is, setting up the global business management centers and domestic business operation centers in China, the regional operation centers in the world's major strategy markets and the regional distribution centers in the world's major distribution strategic markets. Meanwhile, on the basis of improving product technical performance and reliability, product oriented globalization strategy has been established to cultivate globalization operation capacity and push forward the overseas market development and localization establishment steadily.

        Market Network

        In the overseas markets, it has established the business network covering agricultural equipment, engineering machinery, vehicle and engine exported to more than 120 countries and regions including Europe, America, Asia Pacific, CIS, Africa and so on with more than 180 first-class dealers. The export of tractors has been the first place for 11 consecutive years in this industry.